Achieve Your Intended Results

Effective change management means better awareness and increased adoption of new ways of working, decreased stress on employees, managers and leaders, and improved employee engagement. 

Our Mission

 Initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet their objectives - and we're here to help you navigate that journey. Our team sets your team up for success by asking, and answering, probing change management related questions like:

  • Are the purpose and objectives of your upcoming changes well-defined?
  • How well have previous change initiatives been managed in your organization?
  • Do you have the necessary in-house resources to effectively manage change?
  • What mechanisms are in place to measure the effectiveness of change efforts?
  • How have key stakeholders responded to previous changes?

At Peak Advisory Consulting, we have an outcomes-driven approach to drive change and its long-term adoption. 

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Overview of Services

What makes Change Management with Peak Advisory Consulting unique is our outcomes-driven approach that brings together stakeholder management, purposeful communications, and needed training to drive change and its long-term adoption. Our systematic approach includes:

  1. Stakeholder & Change Impact Assessment:  Change management starts with understanding how your people feel and how much they will be impacted by the change. Our assessment process allows us to identify both change champions, change resistor, and inform the necessary change management interventions.

  2. Change Management Strategy & Planning:  Based on the outcome of the stakeholder & change impact assessment, we work with you to define change strategies and interventions to enable the highest degree of success. These interventions may include leadership engagement activities, change champion networking, communications, and training.

  3. Change Execution:  We help you execute the change management strategy every step of the way. Our experienced change practitioners help with leadership engagement, change champion engagement, communication development & execution, and training content development & execution. We roll up our sleeves and create the content your company needs to drive the right change outcomes.

  4. Change Sustainability:  We believe that change is the only constant. We desire to leave you and your team equipped to sustain change and with the capabilities to navigate and implement positive change in each day going forward.

What Sets Us Apart

When you partner with Peak Advisory Consulting, you're choosing a team of experts who understand the challenges and opportunities that change brings about for organizations. We know that every organization is unique and complex. By steering away from providing off-the-shelf solutions,  we help you manage change in a way that ensures sustainability and success for today and tomorrow. With Peak Advisory Consulting, you will get:

  • Expertise:  Our team is comprised of Prosci-certified practitioners and change management experts with a deep understanding of human behavior and workplace dynamics, who remain flexible in utilizing the model most appropriate for you.

  • Communication:  By focusing on purposeful and proactive communications, our team can help alleviate common stressors surrounding change projects, while ensuring cross-functional alignment throughout the change.

  • Maximized Outcomes:  We understand that peak change is about combining the right initiatives with the right messaging and the right management to achieve sustainable adoption and acceptance.

At Peak Advisory Consulting, we understand that every organization is unique and complex. We steer away from providing off-the-shelf solutions as we know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team listens first, prioritizes your needs, partners to develop talent and organizational solutions tailored to your situation, and, ultimately, helps you successfully transition as you implement these solutions.

Help Your Team Forge Ahead Through Changing Conditions 

Are you redefining the way your team works? Join the growing number of organizations that have managed those changes successfully with Peak Advisory Consulting. Contact us to discover how we can help you create the perfect environment to attract, retain, and empower your best people.