Top HR Trends 2024:

Multigenerational Workplaces  •  AI/Technology  •  DEI  •  Employee Well-Being  •  Hybrid Workforces


In the changing world of work, do you have the support you need to help your organization manage its most valuable asset: its PEOPLE?

According to The Changing Face of HR in 2024, Human Resources is simply too much work. Today’s HR leaders may love what they do, but stress and burnout have 62% of you considering leaving the field.

We get it.

As a human resources professional, you are responsible for holistically managing an organization’s talent. In today’s complex and dynamic business landscape, you can no longer operate as a functional leader executing upon tactical people needs in a siloed manner. Your role has been redefined. HR is a critical leadership function that must see an organization’s people needs through a wider lens, connecting the bigger picture of business strategy, challenges, and goals. 

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      “Peak is a true partner to our organization. You can’t tell where we stop and Peak starts.”


Peak Advisory Consulting helps you set HR strategy through that wider lens connecting your people needs to your desired business  outcomes. Our team can then operate as an extension of your team for needed projects. Unlike consulting firms that insist on using the same formula for each client, Peak works as a true partner tailoring our solutions for designing project scopes for each unique client need. Our proven framework for assessing people needs combined with our flexibility ensures you get the expert HR support you really need. 

Our team brings diverse consulting and industry experience with a no-nonsense approach you won’t find anywhere else.  

Our team has: 

  • A combined 35+ years of ‘big 4 consulting’ experience.  We can deliver what the big 4 deliver, without the big 4 price tag
  • Domain expertise across total rewards, talent acquisition, talent development, engagement and workforce management
  • A combined 30+ years of HR generalist experience.  We can get in the trenches and understand the importance to policy, compliance, and risk management
  • We have leaders that have been in your shoes
  • HR technology selection and enablement experience.  We are here to help you identify and implement the right systems for your organization

Solutions Tailor-Made for HR Professionals by HR Professionals

Our HR solutions are scalable to your organization’s needs and help you to answer key people-related questions like:

  • How do you unlock top-tier performance for your organization?
  • How do you design programs that will inspire the best people to join you and deliver extraordinary outcomes?
  • How do you navigate and implement changes that stick and achieve your intended results?
  • What should your near-term and long-term priorities be? 
peak performance

Unlock the fullest potential of your people with our organizational effectiveness solution. We’ll help you implement the right organizational structure and ensure you have the right people, in the right role, at the right time.

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Create extraordinary people processes, programs, and systems that inspire the best talent to join your company and perform above and beyond.  We’ll help you create the right conditions to maximize productivity and achieve business results.

peak change

Navigate and implement changes that stick and achieve your intended results.  We’ll help you develop the organizational agility necessary for sustained change. 


peak elevation

Get the Fractional HR leadership and strategic consultation needed to grow your teams, implement efficient and compliant processes, and deliver HR operations at scale. We’ll help ensure your people strategy and operations are your enabler for growth.

Forward-looking organizations understand the importance of putting people at the center of their business strategy. Our team understands the importance of supporting you to make that a reality. Our team can seamlessly operate as extended members of your team to unlock peak performance, create extraordinary cultures, and streamline your HR operations.

How We Operate

We bring a proven Rapid Assessment Framework to all HR discovery projects that holistically evaluates your organization & people, programs & processes, and tools & technologies. 

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As a flexible partner, our clients can choose how best to approach this assessment: Either through focused workshops (remote or in-person) that bring key stakeholders together over a 1-2 week period or through separate interview/focus groups over a 2-4 week period.

No matter how you engage, we provide you with go-forward recommendations and decisions at the end of our 3-Step Evaluation Process helping you to get the most out of your people.

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Why Peak?

01 proven results
02 tailored solutions
03 expert team
04 longterm growth